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Meet Redi™ for Patients

In today’s world of healthcare we find ourselves as passive participants in our health rather than the owner and driver of it.

You should be at the center of your health and Redi.health puts you there

Empowering you

Redi.health believes every patient has the ability to overcome today’s healthcare barriers if they are given the right tools. We empower patients to thrive in all aspects of their health journey but focus on three primary barriers.


Only 30% of patients are adherent to their treatments as intended by their healthcare provider.


Only 20% of patients able to effectively access patient support resources.


Only 22% of patients feel they are equipped with the necessary tools to understand and navigate their health.

Features to Empower
Your Health Journey


Gives you a seat at the table of your health conversation

Our proprietary Curator software uses the information of your unique health profile to bring you industry news, tips, and clinical insights specific to all aspects of your health.

Medication Tracker

Your simplified digital pillbox

Our Medi tool simplifies the way you keep track of scheduled doses to ensure you’re staying up-to-date on usage, fills, common adverse effects, and provides shareable monthly summaries.

Symptom Tracker

Conversations with your provider just got a whole lot easier

Your personal health companion helps to take the stress out of remembering how you were feeling on a given day and communicating that with your healthcare provider.

Redi Record

In an emergency,
it's important to be Redi

Your most crucial health information, summarized and easily accessible on your device to inform a healthcare provider in an emergency situation.

Meet Redi™ for Partners

Pharmaceutical support tools integrated into a patient’s daily life

Redi.health puts your custom support services directly into your patient's hands.

Why partner with Redi.health?

We provide a seamless experience that puts your patient at the center which brings daily life and pharma support together.

You invest a lot in your patient’s wellbeing. Yet the resources you produce often go under utilized. Redi.health places your custom support services directly into the patient’s hands, giving patients the ability to access your support while engaging in our daily health management tools.

Is Lack of Digital Health Tools Really The Problem?

Our research both qualitative and quantitative says that it is - a big one!

Simplicity of Support

84% of patients want a single source for their health information and support services, but only 16% say they can do this easily today.

Digital Desire

75% of patients say they prefer to engage with pharma support via digital channels (non-phone or fax).

Positive Separation

Less than 20% of patients say they would engage with pharma support through pharma owned mobile apps today, while 80% say they would engage with pharma support within a non-pharma owned, daily health management application.

The power of a Redi Partnership

About Us

In 2021 Redi.health was founded with a simple goal: Empower patients to take control of and contribute to their health journey. We believe that when it comes to healthcare, the patient is often forgotten and left to navigate the overwhelming world of healthcare on their own.

Knowing this was a problem, we set out to fix it with guidance from the people who know it best – the patients themselves! What we found was patients often feel pushed through their health journey without context rather than being given the tools to effectively contribute to their own health conversation. We knew technology could solve this and having come from healthcare and clinical backgrounds, our founding team was confident they had the tools and know-how to do it.

To fix this problem we developed Redi.health. Redi puts more simplified tools in the hands of patients than ever before and creates novel pathways of connectivity to the support and resources patients wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

It’s simple – we believe in patients and giving them the tools to take control of their health.