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Companion is Redi.

Providing what all patients deserve —
a platform that eliminates the confusion and
complexity of health management through
unparalleled access and support.

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Health support
in your pocket.

The Redi Platform integrates partnered pharmaceutical support programs into a patient's daily life. Simplistically connected and uniquely compliant, with Redi, patients can enroll in, access, and engage with support programs in seconds.

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A network that works for you.

Redi's network provides applicable support access, unlocks exclusive resources, and creates a unique connection opportunity at every point in the health journey.

Redi exists to create better health outcomes.

We are building and enhancing the patient support experience that will allow individuals with a wide variety of conditions and needs to better manage their health. No health journey is the same and treatment always means more than just a pill and a glass of water. Redi is creating the go-to digital health hub that blends the consumer and the clinical needs.

Join our inclusive and diverse team at Redi.Health! We're a group of active and passionate individuals who are diversely skilled and bring high emotional intelligence (EQ) to everything we do. Together, we're working towards a common goal of creating a health platform for all.

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