The Digital Backbone of Patient Support
is Redi

Redi combines health management technology and integrated patient support, empowering patients to confidently manage and track all aspects of their health while also facilitating a seamless connection between life science companies, healthcare providers, and other healthcare stakeholders.

Contemporary Patient Support and Access

Redi enables patients and healthcare partners by offering a tailored and complete support experience that addresses patients' needs.


Total Health Management

Track medications and symptoms, keep an eye on diet and weight, and monitor health trends.


Integrated Patient Support

Tailor a branded and digital experience based on your patient support strategies.


Multi-Persona Platform

Facilitate enrollment, consent management, and real-time status updates.

Take control of your health

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More than just a vendor

Strategize. Plan. Develop.

Redi utilizes a thorough and hands-on approach to guide your support strategies from inception to execution, all while fostering a best-in-class patient experience.


Transform your program to meet the unique needs of patients

Not all patient journeys are the same, and Support Programs shouldn't be either. Redi's architecture is highly fluid, allowing us to provide a carefully curated Support program that ensures a seamless experience for Patients, Healthcare Providers, and any other partner.


Personalized care for your patient's health journey

Redi simplifies and customizes the complete health journey, providing patients with personalized care and support every step of the way.


Achieve better health outcomes

Redi's comprehensive digital tool empowers patients to achieve better health outcomes through effective management and tracking of their health.


Stay connected and increase engagement

Redi's innovative platform allows patients to easily connect and engage with life science companies, providers, and fellow patients, fostering a supportive and collaborative community.

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