Unlock the power of a platform, not just an app.

Effective and Customized Patient Support

Redi offers comprehensive support beyond that of a typical digital experience. We provide a full-service solution for your patient support strategy.

Patient Support's Digital Front Door

Bring your brand and market access strategy directly to the patient.

Remove Barriers to Access

Integrate your program enrollment, patient assistance program, and co-pay strategies into a single platform.

Personalized Communication

Send timely updates and notifications to patients as changes occur.

Enhanced Insights and Reporting

Achieve transparent insight into engagement and utilization for improved strategic planning.

Custom Condition Tracking Solutions

Help your patients effortlessly track and manage their conditions and share their progress with their healthcare providers.

Patient Journey Made Simple

Maintain continuous communication with patients by incorporating various touchpoints with all stakeholders in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.

A Consultant and a Partner

Partnering with Redi transforms your journey into a collaborative and advisory experience. We will support you throughout the entire lifecycle, from enhancing your program's design to managing marketing legal submissions, and providing you with the resources needed for a seamless launch and impactful go-live.

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